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Kade Mendelowitz
Lighting Designer
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Fairbanks, AK .....99708

Don Juan
April, 2003
Kade Mendelowitz: Lighitng & Scenic Designer
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Don Juan
Don Juan
Don Juan
Don Juan
Don Juan
Don Juan
Don Juan
Don Juan
Don Juan
Written by Moliere
Translated by John Wood
Directed by Anatoly Antohin
Choreography by Judy Kreith
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April, 2003
Salisbury Theatre
Produced by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre Department.
Poster Design by Maya Salganek

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  • Sun Star
  • Cast
    Don Juan Chip Brookes
    Sganarelle Andrew Cassel
    Elvira Rose Jensen
    Don Carlos/Don Luis Michael Karoly
    Don Alonso/Statue Jeffrey D. Aldrich
    Francisco/Gusman Jon Ward
    Peter/La Rame/La Violette/Ragotin Robert "Bo" Anderson
    Mr. Dimanche Charlie Pierce
    Dancers: Sevillanas Leeza R. Alloway
    Samuel Barney
    Kimberly Carpenter
    Caroline Carter
    Amanda Chadwick
    Leeann Ellis
    Carla Delfino
    Crystal Kleinleder
    Travis Veazey
    Dancers: Paso Doble
    .....Matador Samuel Barney, Travis Veazey
    .....Cape Amanda Chadwick, Crystal Kleinleder
    .....Bull Kimberly Carpenter
    Dancers: Duet Samuel Barney, Travis Veazey, Kimberly Carpenter
    Hot Tub Girls: Crystal Kleinleder, Leeann Ellis

    Production Crew
    Stage Manager Jennifer Garcia
    Assistant Stage Manager Kathryn Goolsby
    Scenic Designer Kade Mendelowitz
    Assistant to the Scenic Designer Shannon L. Colburn
    Technical Director Kade Mendelowitz
    Assistant Technical Director Leighton Nunez
    Carpenter/Electrician Supervisors Bo Anderson, Zeke Daubney, Matt Krell
    Scenic Running Crew Thomas Creek, Shannon Luster, Sun Small
    Painters Anita Ashbaugh, Shannon L. Colburn, Thomas Creek, Mandara Nott, Sun Small
    Costume Designer Tara Maginnis
    Costume Shop Manager Lorraine Pettit
    Costume Costruction Anita Ashbaugh, Sarie Birch Tara Maginnis, Carey Seward
    Wardrobe Crew Carey Seward
    Lighting Designer Kade Mendelowitz
    Light Board Operator Liz Hardee
    Sound Designer Judy Kreith
    Sound Board Operator Mandara Nott
    Department Coordinator & Box Office Manager Maya Salganek
    Ticket Sales Scotty Fiddler, Veronica Green, Katy Mulcrone
    Playbill Maya Salganek
    Poster DesignMaya Salganek
    Poster Image TaraMaginnis

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