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Hamlet Dreams
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Hamlet Dreams
Hamlet Dreams
Hamlet Dreams
Hamlet Dreams
Hamlet Dreams
Hamlet Dreams
Hamlet Dreams
Hamlet Dreams

November 30 - December 9, 2001
Salisbury Theatre
Produced by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Theatre Department.
Adapted from William Shakespeare's Hamlet
Stage Direction by Anatoly Antohin
Scenic Designer: Kade Mendelowitz
Costume Designer: Tara Maginnins
Lighting Designer: Kade Mendelowitz
Sound Designer: Shannon Colburn
Stage Manager: Jennifer Garcia


Claudius, King of Denmark Tom Moran
Gertrude, Queen of Denmark, mother of Hamlet Anne Johnson
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark John Lagoutaris, Charles Pierce
Polonius, Father of Ophelia and Laertes Ben Thompson
Laertes, Son of Polonius Matthew Krell
Ophelia, Daughter of Polonius, Love of Hamlet Christine Burgess, Heather Maas
Ghost, formerly Hamlet, father of Hamlet / King of Denmark Michael Karoly
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, associates of Hamlet Michael Bezares
Shakespeare / Judge, Rafaela Stacheter, Maureen Sullivan

Producion Crew

Stage Manager *Jennifer Garcia
Scenic Designer Kade Mendelowitz
Technical Director Kade Mendelowitz
Assistant Technical Director Leighton Nunez
Crew Supervisors Margaret Bonnell, Zeeke Daubney, Kelley Stables
Scenic Running Crew Adrian Davis
Costume Designer Tara Maginnis
Costume Shop Manager Lorraine Pettit
Dresser Jacob Flechsing
Lighting Designer Kade Mendelowitz
Master Electrician Margaret Bonnell
Electricians & Set Crew Anita Ashbaugh, *Jennifer Garcia, Adrian Davis, T. J. Franklin, Shannon Fett, Aaron J Heath, Adrian Marie Davis
Light Board Operator *Fred Calef
Followspot Operator Zeke Daubney
Sound Designer Shannon Colburn
Sound Board Operator Raven Harrell
Department Coordinator & Box Office Manager Maya Salganek
Ticket Sales Heather Manumik, *Amber McKinney, Kari Carney, Mary Bryant
Playbill Kade Mendelowitz
* Member, Student Drama Association

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