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Kade Mendelowitz
Lighting Designer
PO Box 81522
Fairbanks, AK .....99708

KTVF - Fairbanks NBC News Affiliate
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KTVF old set, 2 shot
KTVF old set, 2 shot.
KTVF new set, 2 shot
KTVF new set, 2 shot.
In October, 1997 Kade Mendelowitz was hired by the NBC affiliate of Fairbanks, Alaska to redesign the set and lighting for their news set -
KTVF, channel 11, is Fairbanks highest-rated local news program.
KTVF old, 1 shot
KTVF old set, actual screen capture.
KTVF new, 1 shot
KTVF new set, actual screen capture.
.....There were few parameters set for the design - other than to give the show a "new look". The station had received many comments from viewers that the show could look better, but no one gave them a clear path to follow before Mr. Mendelowitz.
KTVF old, 1 shot
KTVF old set, 1 shot.
KTVF new, 1 shot
KTVF new set, 1 shot.
..... Three areas Kade focused his prime concern:
  • To rid the set of the vertical posts that often appeared to come through the heads of the reporters, or separated the co-anchors from each other
  • Give the news room a sense of place..."Alaska"
  • Give the anchors some definition by the lighting
  • KTVF credits
    KTVF credits, actual screen capture.
    The solution:
  • The backdrop became a photograph / panorama of Alaskan, snow-covered mountains 6'-0" tall, 42'-0" wide printed at McCauley's Reprographics in Fairbanks, Alaska. Original artwork by Kade Mendelowitz
  • Re-hung and re-focused the lighting to give dimensionality to the anchors / reporters

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