Kade's Name Graphic Kade Mendelowitz
Lighting Designer
PO Box 81522
Fairbanks, AK .....99708

Example Syllabus: Lighting Design I

Lighting Design I

Kade Mendelowitz

Theatre 347, 3 Credits, 2:00 - 3:30 P.M. Tuesday & Thursdays - Thtr Green Room.
Spring Semester 2001, University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Office Hours; Tuesdays 1:00 - 1:45, 3:30-5:00 or by appointment. Office: 223 (by KUAC) or in the shop.
Office Phone: 907-474-7638. Shop Phone: 907-474-7639 Fax 907-474-7048 E-mail: ffkm1@uaf.edu

Course Description Required Media: Other Suggestions: Required Materials:
Grade Breakdown

Lighting Analysis and Discussion of ideas (participation) 20%
Crew Participation (20 Hours Scale) 10%
Drafting Assignment II 10%
Endgame Project 20%
Dutchman Project 25%
Midterm Examination 15%

. . . . .Class Attendance and Participation is essential to this course. Much of what you will learn will come from our discussions of classwork as well as the productions and crew time - please let me know if you have any schedule conflicts so we can work them out A.S.A.P. before your final grade is effected. When we do lighting demonstrations in class, it is hard to get classmates to explain what was covered. To that end - all absences above 3 will effect your grade one step (e.g.; B to B-).

. . . . . All papers and projects are due no later than the date assigned to you in class. Late papers and projects will be lowered one grade (e.g.; B to B-) for every day they are late.

. . . . . This syllabus is incomplete and subject to change. In addition to what is listed, students are strongly encouraged to attend all Departmental Productions which will be discussed in class (To aid in that endeavor, 1 complimentary ticket will be available to you through the theatre UAF box office off the great hall.

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